I trying to look beyond my whole illusion that this anime is

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Replica Hermes I pretty much watched exclusively sports anime though so in comparison to the others so far, I felt Kaze had better visual storytelling and character development than that in other sports anime, with tons of exposition, focus on the sports/matches/tournament plot rather hermes replica blanket than character development, etc.How does Kaze measure up to other sports anime you seen?However most of the emotional beats and characters didn really land well and I felt like a lot of conflict was dismissed.haha Yeah, I trying to understand why that stuff landed well with me. Like is the anime actually that good with storytelling/character development/delivering emotions, or do my personal experiences just line up with it that well that makes it seem good to me? I think it was just the latter, and if I were to be more objective, the stuff you said like the conflict being dismissed easily makes more sense.I trying to look beyond my whole illusion that this anime is super incredible (and it seems like there a ton of hype around this right now also? like all the Reddit gold and stuff for this series) and analyze/understand it a bit more critically and objectively.That a great attitude to have!How does Kaze measure up to other sports anime you seen?I don watch a huge amount of sports anime and out of the ones I have watched I don think I seen any notably horrible ones. Kaze had good deuteragonists and a mixed bag of the rest of the cast so I was definitely engaged Replica Hermes.

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