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I cannot be a United States citizen. If nationals move off island to, say, California they still can TMt vote or hold certain jobs unless they pay a fee and apply for citizenship. Citizen for voting purposes in that state, Voa Alailima said. In a bid to shore up national reconciliation, the Ivoirian government in […]

CLEVELAND The Cleveland Kennel is hoping you adopt a four

Le Kilt designer Sam McCoach (who named her brand after the Soho club) also looked back to an era of Soho nightlife. She took over the historic 100 club recently saved from closure with an homage to her heroine, Shirley Manson of Garbage. Designers were fighting back against the changing face of the city with […]

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Here was a marriage ceremony we could get behind. It had the added benefit of being a more traditional, ancient, and sacred marriage ceremony, a marriage ceremony that predated cake toppers and florists and obviated the need for seating charts. If marriage was a promise two people made to each other, and if you didn’t […]

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Mayer is more cynical about the appeal of his hometown. “I think Argentina is a German loving country. In the ’50s our government loved the Nazis. We’re now giving out the soap before the marathon, not after.”It is, in fact, the same grape scented soap in English language packaging. But this year, organizers warned runners […]

She said that to live strong meant to her to run hard

McC. HerzogsCAPITAL RECEPTION FOR SUPREME COURT; President and Mrs. J. She said that to live strong meant to her to run hard, run strong, and just keep running. TM To her this is as much a metaphor in life as it is in health. Her mother suffered and recovered from cancer, she has had a […]

No contest here, or should we say plenty of contests here?

Practically the second I had all of my things in the room, there was an infestation in that very same room. Fortunately, none of my colonists were in it. So I got all of my colonists that were good with guns to stand aimed at the door, and all of my brawlers behind just incase. […]

And inside that shrine, people light prayer candles

During his interrogation, Chand had provided several clues to the CBI and also pointed at the existence of an organised crime syndicate engaged in a large scale operation across various wildlife sanctuaries across the country. The agency subsequently in 2005 had chargesheeted him under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), a first […]

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Lake Ozark, MO The Lake Area Chamber recently held a ribbon cutting for Clearwater American Home Furnishings at 3883 Osage Beach Parkway in Osage Beach. The ribbon cutting took place on May 30th, 2019 at 4:30 pm. Attendees included Clearwater American Furniture staff members, as well as several Lake Area Chamber staff, board members, and […]

I would be delighted to write it with you

Make a Flat Cupcake Bouquet?Flat cupcake bouquets are usually arranged on a cake board or other suitable flat surface. They can look like an actual bouquet or they can look like another shape, like a baby carriage or a wedding dress. The shaped bouquets are often called pull apart cakes and are great for themed […]